Prestashop Theme Development

Prestashop is essentially the best e-commerce solution available. There are different Prestashop themes through which, business websites can trade their products online. You can also choose from custom, free or premium templates.  For custom templates, you need a professional IT developer to handle the lengthy process of coding. If you want to get a fully customized template, it is recommended to make use of the custom option. Free template is also known as the basic template, which allows a very small degree of flexibility in terms of design and Prestashop theme. Many business owners choose the premium template, as it is economical and has a wide range.

We have talk about the templates briefly, to help you with the process of selection. Our Prestashop theme development service is best for those business websites that are readiness to provide customized and improved customer experience to their users. Our Prestashop developers have 5 years of experience of building Prestashop themes. We (Prestashoppe) can easily create extraordinary Prestashop themes that will reflect the real personality of any business to its customers. All themes built by Prestashoppe are 100% Prestashop standard that means they can be installed easily though Prestashop back office in just some clicks. All HTML tags are optimized to be SEO friendly and reduce loading time of your website.

Prestashoppe very strives hard to develop easy to manage, impressive designs, user friendly interface, SEO friendly and special themes. The code work is done in a clean manner to manage any sort of changes, to the design and look of the overall theme, later on. We can design even the most challenging themes, as Prestashop developers are well-trained and qualified. Our Prestashop theme development service standard is well maintained to create unique theme solutions. We want your websites to be fast and that is why the idea of developing lightweight themes is followed strictly. No one fancies waiting for several minutes for a website to display its content. So that is why, we have intuitive and sleek interfaces ready for you.

Let’s see how Prestashoppe can help you to do it:

  • Building Custom Prestashop Theme: If you are building your Prestashop website from scratch and looking for a developer or company to build a particular custom Prestashop theme best suitable for your business. Prestashoppe is the one you are looking for! We have more than 5 years experience of building Prestashop themes. We can build Prestashop themes as provided design (PSD) or we can design the theme as per your choice/requirements and convert the design into a real functional Prestashop theme. Our themes are all-time mobile friendly and SEO optimized.
  • Making Mobile Friendly Themes (or responsive theme): If you have an alive website with un-responsive theme (not mobile friendly), our experienced Prestashop developers will help to make it fully responsive that means your website will display perfect on all devices/different sizes of screen. We are also available for building responsive Prestashop theme from scratch (You can provide us a design or we make the design and convert it into responsive theme)
  • Customizing Your Prestashop Theme: You have a Prestashop website with theme installed but your theme design or its features aren’t 100% what you want. We can help you to make customization to existing theme in order to meet your needs.
  • PSD to Prestashop Conversion: If you are a developer or website designer and are unable to convert your PSD designs to a Prestashop theme or simply you don’t have time to do that. Just send us your PSD designs; we will help building perfect theme for you at reasonable cost.

Building Prestashop themes is pretty easy for a web developer but building a standard Prestashop theme is a actually challenge. Prestashop Team is one of the top Prestashoppe development companies who have more than 5 years’ experience of building Prestashop themes, which totally meet official Prestashop theme standards. Here are the facts about how good our Prestashop themes are:

  • Responsive Design: All Prestashop themes we build from the old 1.4.x to the current/latest 1.7.x version are fully responsive. So you don’t have to worry about how your customers are browsing your website. No matter what they use either a smart phones, tablets, personal computers or any other devices, our website still displays well.
  • Compatibility: We always make sure your themes are totally compatible with any kind of web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE8, IE9, IE10 and others. Certainly, our themes will be compatible with all kind of devices.
  • SEO Optimized: All HTML tags, CSS, Javascript, images and other elements are fully optimized for SEO. This will help you to position your Prestashop website at top of the SERP of Google and all the other search engines.
  • High Speed Theme: As all the elements are highly optimized, each theme developed by Prestashoppe runs speedily. This will tend your customers not to leave the site because of having problem in loading website that they often face while browsing other websites.
  • Easy Customizable: If you are an advanced user or even a developer, you may be looking for a way to customize the theme whenever you need. Our theme development service is just what you are looking for. Our themes give you different ways to make customization to your own theme; you can make changes by yourself without any code line.